ANDROID  is currently the best smartphone OS judging by the number of its users worldwide. To maintain it’s top position Google is pouring more and more hectic Security features and one of them is FACTORY RESET PROTECTION (FRP) lock. If you reset your device through the recovery mode you are likely to meet the screen in the picture bellow and you won’t be able to use that device unless you enter an email address and password for the GOOGLE ACCOUNT that was used before reset. So,what will happen if you forget those details? Don’t worry because you have come to the right place!
frp bypass screen
There are some websites out there claiming that they have solutions for this but most of them are just scams  and solutions they offer are no longer working. So stop troubling because we have effective and updated 2017 solutions for you.

Along with the Android Lollipop 5.1 version, Google has introduced a new security feature designed to render the phone unavailable for usage in the unfortunate event when it might get stolen or lost.
Here’s how the Google Account Verification works
Let’s say that you just lost your phone and another person found it. Normally, this person will not be able to use the phone if you have already set up a screen lock pattern or security PIN.
In the past, this could have been easily bypassed by just factory resetting the device.
Now, since Google introduced the new Google Account Verification or Factory Reset Protection (FRP) the phone becomes unavailable for usage if the person performing the factory reset does not have the credentials of the Google Account that was previously logged on the phone.
This can also heavily impact users that buy the device from a third party (e.g eBay) and cannot get in touch with the person that sold them the phone. Most users reported not being able to use the phone because they could not get past the screen where the phone asks for the Google Account.


You need wifi, two email accounts and another device (pc or phone with email capabilities) to use this method This is easy step by step method to bypass google account from Sony Xperia Z5, XA, X phones and other devices

Step 1. From the Welcome screen, Click get stated and connect to wifi. After that go back to the Welcome screen and click where you see “I am aware of the important information” tap on (Important information) hyperlink

and select “License Agreement and Trademarks”.licenceStep 2. License Agreement screen will appear just select and long-press any text from here until you see SELECT ALL, COPY, SHARE options

Step 3. Tap on Share option and then many options will appear, select and press on EMAIL option. Sign in with your email address and go to email inbox.

Step 4.  On your other device (pc or phone) go to and download Quick Shortcut Maker and  send it as an attachment to the email address in your Locked phone.                                                                                                                                                                       
STEP 5. On your Locked device refresh your EMAIL  inbox (e.g by swiping down the screen)  and you will receive that email you have send from your other device. Now download the attachment (Quick Shortcut Maker) and click install 

Step 6. After installation done, open the apk and in the search bar type “Google Account” then select the first result with “Google Account Manager”.

Step 7. In this step you’ll see many different Google account managers, select one with “Type Email and Password” and open it. Tap on “/Try”. Now at the top right corner of your phone screen click “:” and select Browser Sign-in. (Note: If there is no Google account managers, with “Type Email and Password”  Or if you receive an error we have provided the solution in our Pro Solutions)

Step 8. Login with your Google Account, Enter the Gmail ID and password and sign-in with your own Google account. Now this account will be synced with your phone.

Step 9.  Press power button and hit restart.Restarting process will take several minutes, after your phone restarts complete the initial setup and you won’t face FRP lock (Factory Reset Protection) or Google Account locked screen

Notice how you won’t be prompted to log in the previous Google Account and instead the phone will ask you to ADD a new Google Account

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HONESTLY, at first l thought this site was just a Scam then I decided to give it a try, Sure guys you really gave me the benefit of the doubt!

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Wow, this website saved my life, I was tired searching everywhere for working solutions for my LG G4″
Angeline, U.S.A

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